A cold day but sunny in Iowa. Just walked the dogs, -1*. The heavy insulated dog jackets came in handy earlier than expected. I am very appreciative of all the reasons to be Thankful this year. The exercise program that pays me at work and the opportunities to get to know such wonderful people every day. Zig Ziegler used to say “Expect a Miracle EVERY DAY”. How right he was. We expect big miracles but to categorize most, the miracles happen in simple things. A cold day, but sunny and not snowing. Dinner at my sisters and food to eat. A car to get there in, and the capability to maintain it. To be able to say “LIFE has been good to me” is enough to fill me with Thanks. Calls and Cards from friends and a warm apartment. We all could go on and on for what we all have been given but Thanksgiving awaits. Have a wonderful day and  know that OUR CARES AND PRAYERS WILL BE WITH YOU.

ME, Mack and Jake

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