Colliding with Disaster

Colliding With Disaster
FROM: 5-27-2007

(Even More appropriate today in light of the recent campaign and its attendant promises.)

Ventures founded on SATANic (Success AT ANother’s expense) principles are destined to fail, perhaps not in your lifetime of witness, but they most certainly will fail. Those ventures rooted in LOVE are destined to succeed.

Jesus once said that if you have ‘love’ you can say to this mountain ‘move’ and it will be cast into the sea. How many mountains have been moved by LOVE through the ages, Gutzon Borglum and Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, any number of national construction projects that were rooted in a love of country, in serving one another. Only when these ventures turned greedy did they begin to falter.

The danger in this country is that when we moved from a labor of love to a mode of Success AT ANother’s expense that we began a collision course with disaster. As we moved from providing jobs and opportunities for our citizens to a place where we began searching for avenues that eliminated jobs for our citizens for the express purpose of increasing profits for owners and stockholders we couldn’t help but place our country in jeopardy. When we reached a place where it became acceptable to take advantage of the citizens of another country, or took advantage of the resources of another nation so that our wealthiest citizens could become wealthier, we began plunging down that ancient pathway that I call “Success AT ANother’s expense.”

History is rife with examples of societies that chose to build their own personal success on the backs of other nations, either using them as slave labor, or trading on their hard work by stealing the produce of their hard work for their own profit. No society that has been founded on SATANic principles has ever succeeded, Egypt, Rome, Germany, England, Spain, Japan, China (Mongolia), and on and on. The only question has been how long the nation can exist before it collapses in on itself.
Now at trillions of dollars in debt, we seem to be that next nation.

Hopefully, we will recognize that our allegiances are improperly placed and we will choose to reverse our focus, the alternative is the pathway of Revelations and the already predicted outcome of history.

The end.