Only the ignorant believe that Religion is separate from politics. Our Constitution may have “tonque in cheekly” set up some religious constraints, however politics suffers greatly without Religion to cater to. The Earthly experience is the transference of wealth from something to something else. Historically it is the labor of average people working to establish wealth for an upper class that has established itself by being in control of others for the advancement of a few. Whether control of food, shelter, resources, or more simply, beliefs; control is the true basis of Religion. Organized Religion is using the control of a belief model to benefit a group of people “in charge” of said organizational unit or for the advancement of a business model that transfers peoples wealth to some sort of business. Religion is the biggest of businesses because it’s business model is to control people’s beliefs. People’s beliefs control people’s dollars. How they allocate them, forward them, and invest them.
I have seen lots of history so far. The historical model is based on this transference of wealth to a few. Religion, unfortunately, in the guise of politics, has been central to most all of the wars that I have seen come and go over my life so far. I believe this functions primarily because the commerce of war is much more lucrative than to the commerce of food. Our references to people and cultures have posters and books and veritable volumes about their religion and it’s attachment to their politics. The solution to controlling all of these “belief systems” is some sort of commerce of war.
Imagine what the world would be like with one religion that said LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Now what do we do? Why do we fight, our beliefs are all the same. If we don’t fight there is no need to get money for a commerce of war. If we don’t fight we do not raise money to advertise for more adherents from whom we can control the wealth that they control for the purpose of advancing our commerce of war which is more lucrative than the commerce of food. There is no right or wrong belief to climb to the forefront and no need to get an administrative office and take up an offering to conduct business and pay salaries. Also there is no financial incentives to offer politicians and influence the political arena.

No wonder LOVE ONE ANOTHER has always been such a difficult teaching to embrace. It doesn’t create that environment for the commerce of war. By it’s very nature it cannot. There is a big difference between the RELIGION and the teaching. If the teaching were embraced and followed, no need for the commerce of war. This brings us back to the beginning. RELIGION is and always will be a business. LOVE ONE ANOTHER is an attitude and not too commercially sound in a world based on the transference of wealth from people to business.

Now, when we are into the business of Terrorism. Terrorism in whatever form requires money. Lots of money at the scale that we are seeing it all over the world today. We need to get beyond the “Religions” and go get the money and the people that supply it and benefit by it’s acquisition. To me it is that exchange of the commerce of war that is Terroristic. So in our war on terror until we direct our efforts to discovering the sources of funding, I do not believe we will ever alter the behavior of society.

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