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I am the way,  (the tao ying and yang), the truth (the cross represents that struggles and challenges are a part of all existences), and the life (the crown of thorns represents the resurrection to life eternal that is Jesus’ promise to those that recognize and follow the teachings). Jesus came to draw all the factions of religion together under a universal mantra of love one another as he did us.

Unorthodox Christianity


Welcome to the WordPress blog for my site unorthodoxchristianity.com. This WordPress location will feature periodic posts of the thoughts of myself, Dennis Wheeler, from my perspective of a days events, news, or happenings through the eyes of my Unorthodox approach to the teachings of Jesus, a carpenter’s son from a small town in what is now Israel called Bethlehem.

It may require some ramp up time, and in the meantime I invite you to visit my site unorthodoxchristianity.com