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The picture above was done while I was waiting to give a sermon as a guest speaker at a church in Salt Lake City many years ago. It was titled by the photographer as Dennis Contemplates. This blog site is all the result of “Dennis Contemplates”. The logo speaks to my interpretation of a phrase spoken by Jesus: “I Am The Way, The Truth and the Life.”  The faith’s represented reflect Christianity,  the Tao, and Judaism.  There has been dozens of years of writing, of music, and sermonets and ponderings over all these years trying to answer the questions of friends, family and myself in trying to explain who we are, where we come from, where we are going, and how it all ties together. It can be all right, all wrong, significant, insignificant, BS or inspired. One needn’t agree, one would be expected to disagree, and some may even embrace a few of these writings.

There will be many postings. There will be e-books from the materials of the past. What do I believe? It is written throughout what I write. It can be reflected in writings here, on Facebook (unorthodoxchristianty) as well as here. It is too much to write on this page, browse to learn. I started this project on the web in 1998. This is not news developed yesterday. It has developed from my childhood. Read what you wish, there are plenty of opportunities presented to comment. Don’t get frustrated if I don’t immediately respond. I visit here often, but not daily. An email will grab more of my attention.

If you are familiar with my writings, I am always curious as to how they are interpreted, accepted, or even rejected. The orthodox see much of it as blasphemy. It requires a CHURCH OF THE OPEN MIND’.



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