8-24-13 Grateful

There are always many things to be. Happy, sad, angry, respectful, and on and on. Me, today, I am grateful. I have made it this far on the journey and I have done it with many mentors and friends who have brought me along. If I puffed up and say I did it myself I would be a liar, and much worse, ungrateful. So many took me under their wing and taught, cajoled, carried and prayed for my success, I thank them all. The most important sheet of paper I have is the one I call mentors. 

These are not a list of all the mentors, many mentors passed me by one day here or there and made a comment that shaped that day and every day forward and their names are lost, or never known. I am grateful for all of them and their contribution. Make yourself a list of your mentors, and as you make your list the joy of a name remembered will come to you very often as you connect with a most important soul that crossed your path so many years ago. It will be like finding hidden treasure. Do it often and make it a habit.

You, too, will become grateful, and you should.

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