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Too often our conventional teachings hinder our personal expansion. What makes Unorthodox Christianity unorthodox is the the ability to believe outside the box. Jesus taught to live outside the box of current conventionalism. The truth is that the immediate result for Jesus was less than total acceptance. That took years and still hasn’t been embraced by even those that wave his banner high. Love One Another will always be outside the box of conventionalism. Conventionalism creates and adheres to new caveats, Love One Another stands alone. Unorthodox Christianity believes in Love One Another. I do not anticipate too much acceptance beyond a few Open Minded adherents.

Think outside the box, open your mind, and have a wonderful day.

The Church of the Open Mind

Welcome to The Church of the Open Mind. Much like TIDBITS (proverbials), this will be a listing of the random thoughts that cross my mind as I work, or rest, or meditate at work or at home. Sometimes they are encouragement. Sometimes they are analysis. They are not meant to come across as wisdom, but rather the application of belief as manifest in the everyday challenges of living.
If you check into these pages, the newest will be on the top and I will add periodically.

We go out into the world everyday searching out great expectations and go to sleep at night wondering what tomorrow will bring that today did not. Will our expectations be rewarded in the morrow? Is it not enough that the mere fact that we have received another chance is enough of an expectation from the sunlight?

When I wonder if I have enough, I have to be thankful for whatever I have.
When I ask for more than what I have been given,
When I see somone riding the trike/bike across the street, long dirty hair and trashbags full of cans hanging from the handlebars I have to be thankful for what I have.
When I see a tanned weathered face, without a bath in days, dumpster clothes and a hand out for beer money, I have to be thankful for what I have.
The things that I do have are the envy of over 80% of the people on the face of the Earth.
The things that I have are the dreams of most of the world’s inhabitants.
The things that I have are beyond the imaginations of most of the worlds human beings.

All religion is an interpretation of a life, writings or sayings, or other interpretations of beliefs as expressed by someone or some culture.

Irregardless of what I believe in, and irregardless of my faith persuasion or lack of it, I am here, wherever here is. My body gets hungry and I feed it. My body gets tired and I rest it. When my body gets weak  I challenge it. What I believe in may influence my attitude toward life, but it only vicariously changes the circumstance. I may make choices based on my beliefs, but those beliefs do not change the circumstances of the day, beyond the impact that they may have on my attitude toward those circumstances.

The future is yours to catch up to. Try and focus on a positive future out of the things that happen to you today. The Phoenix is not a mythological entity, it can be the future of the experiences of your tomorrows.

Survival of the fittest is a basis. It is not a temptation like greed, but an instinct that often drives the fair to a point of avarice in an effort to survive the circumstances of the day even at a mere subsistence level. We often barter our integrity to buy groceries. Unfortunately it is the nature of this place (planet) that encourages the promotion of this instinct.

I have faith in God (love), but not Gheppetto.
I follow the mentorship of Jesus, but expect no more from that fellowship than Jesus received in his living of mentorship to God.
I expect no more than Jesus acquired in His lifetime. If I expect that following Jesus mentorship will make me materially wealthy, I cannot help but be disappointed.

There is a reason for the veil. If we knew where we have been and what we have been, and what we may have done there, prior to this life, then the mirror would no doubt destroy most of us by itself. Yet there are those for whom the mirror of this life means nothing to them.
Life is about how you choose to live this life
Not the previous one
Not the next one
It is about this one.
If there was a past life it will not count against you.
If there is a next life it will be irrelevant to this one.
We often place so much emphasis on a next life, that we fail to make the most of this one.

It is hard to win on Satan’s turf, and it only seems to get harder. Yet there is a hope I have seen.
When life closes a door, GOD opens another. GOD is its own word, has no gender, preferences, or selfish desire. GOD should not be called by any word but GOD. If we must substitute a word for GOD that accommodates our chosen language, let that word be the word we use for LOVE, in whatever language we choose.



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