A Tribute To Max

A house is not a home.
Home has a tail. It is different than just a house with a bed. You get used to seeing the tail wag and the little body run and grab a toy and bring it to you. You expect it, and anticipate it.
Home has an energy. It demands your attention and smiles, it seems no matter what.
Home requires patience and wants you to lean over and pet me.
Home chases the toy and won’t give it up.
Home loves. In spite of your attitude, your demeanor, your day at work, your bad mood, anger….
Home wants to distract you.
Home requires accountability.
Home is a mirror.
Home wants time.
Home has a water dish and a small mat by the front door.
Home is a face at the gate or in the front window.
Home is a face lick, and a unique stubbornness that says slow down, or speed up.
Home is furniture that moves by itself.
Home comes alive when you drive in the driveway, wakes up when you open the back door.
Home hears the treat jar and the refrigerator open up.
Home says please……and thank you.
Home tries to understand and wants you to be comfortable.
Home asks for nothing special and appreciates everything.
Home does not hate.
Home wags it’s tail at big dogs, little dogs, cats and children.
Home is the center of the universe.
Home knows when your sad and tries to comfort you.
Home thinks your mad at it when your really mad at something else. Home just wants you to be there. At home. Your never lonely at home. Home is a sacred place with treasures.
Home is where your heart is.
Home is where GOD hangs out.
Home likes little things…
Home goes with you when you take it.
Home makes any place home, and lights up wherever it is at.
Home is a place you want to get to, remember, and care about.
Home isn’t perfect. You can’t stay mad at home.
You miss home…….
dennis wheeler 10-28-14

Do Unto Others…


A gift given to us by GOD and expounded on by Paul. Sometimes we think that GRACE is a one way street. Grace is also our gift to extend to others. In the same way that we expect Grace to be extended to us, we should project it to others in the same manner and under similar circumstances. It is not just a gift given to us. In the world of love one another, it is also our gift to share with others and be the voice, hand, and understanding that we expect from GOD.

Have a great day. dennis

All That I Require

I have been fortunate. Over all these years my psalm 23, referenced on these pages, starts with “The Lord is my savior and my guide, I shall have all that I require.”

Maybe I should have begun with, all that I want. I don’t think that would have been the recipe for successful living. Not at least in my unorthodox mode. God watches out for the ignorant and uninformed and life has been careful not to give me more than I am capable of handling and controlling. Soon, the time will come when the Unorthodox platform will need to expand. It will become the message that the new seekers of all ages seek to explain why what has been no longer works. Why love one another can no longer be ignored or massaged or contradicted.

For now, though, I have what I require. It is enough to say this, “Who you know is not as important as how you treat those people whom you meet.” Love is the only thing that will save us. Love supersedes all convention, culture and heritage. It will truly be the new age, and one that will challenge each of us.

Have a great day.  dennis