GOD Watches

I have often said, “God watches out for the ignorant and uninformed.” Another tidbit is similar, “When life closes a window, GOD opens a door”. 

We often believe that GOD has forsaken us during the bumps in the road. Often, we simply have not yet caught up to GOD’s plan. There are many complex issues that have to be put into place to accommodate the needs for us as individuals and the needs for all the individuals that will have to be in place for our paths to meet and become the door to our future as well as theirs.

GOD has designed a very complex tapestry for each and every one of us. As it is built we may never view this tapestry from a far enough distance to perceive it, yet the loom is forever active for all of the strands involved.


Do Unto Others

I picture an image of myself standing below the cross and yelling up at Jesus about midday, “WHERE IS GOD”? Life has taught me, as well as the Book of 1John4:8  that GOD is LOVE. LOVE would not have allowed it, nor would it have even been necessary. Because LOVE’s implementation is a stumbling block for so many,  LOVE had to present an example to the norm. What is most important about Jesus’ sacrifice is not so much that he did it, the most important part is how we implement His LOVE in OUR Circles. You see, we are the hands and hearts of LOVE in the world. “WHERE IS GOD? WHERE IS LOVE?”

“Do unto others, as you would wish it done unto you.”  A hard caveat to live by on Satan’s turf.