You can read all of the philosophy that you wish, but the quickest way to discover what I believe in is to listen to the music that GOD has created through me. The music has truly been a gift. Over the tears I have awakened in the middle of the night to write down a lyric or tune that comes to me. Many times the music comes in response to an event, or a situation I find myself in. Most of the time, you, the listener, have but a disc with music on it and the true, expanded meaning behind a song will forever escape you.

What I am presenting in my music posts could be considered to be an ‘amplified’ version of the music. Each specific song, its story, and its lyric.  GOD wrote the music that I might pass it on to you. The message is in the music. The message is the legacy.

I will add periodically from my original site, and many that are not there. God Bless, and enjoy.

Click Here for some of the music.