Life’s Challenges

I approach life’s challenges with a personal adaption of the twenty-third psalm that has served me well over the last 30+ years. This page is a bit more lengthy and sets the tone for this adaption. Some of the verses of the psalm have been left out of this discourse.

“The Lord is my Savior and my guide…”

At any given point in time in a person’s life the challenges of living can seem insurmountable. Upon reflection, those challenges that seemed insurmountable were met and overcome in a period of time that came and went so quickly in the scheme of things that many of the elements of that day have been forgotten or lost in the cavern of one’s memory.

“……I shall have all that I require..”

“I can never make this, or that. I can never overcome. It is not possible. Not alone”.

“Though I walk through this valley of the shadows of lost souls, I shall not fear them for thou art with me. Your word and your example strengthen me.”

Yet there is a faith that keeps on moving and working in our background. There is a relationship that grabs your out-reached hand and pulls you from the abyss and places you once again onto the path that GOD (life) has chosen you to be on, or at least has adapted to your change to the plan.

“Even now, this very day, you (GOD) are preparing the future before me in the presence of my enemies, even in the midst of my own personal struggles..”

Sometimes we face each day with what seems like insurmountable challenges and overcome them to the next day, and perhaps another challenge. GOD is constantly working to prepare the future for those who have faith in the ability for GOD to do so. Remember that GOD can also be spelled LOVE.

“You (GOD) anoint my head with oil and once again I am showered by your bountiful blessings. Surely goodness, and mercy, shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever…”

Challenges come and go. They seem to drag on forever, but when we look back many times they took just moments.

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