I believe we all have a need to belong. Whether a family, a city, a nation, a school, a group. Belonging is a very human need and it is difficult to comprehend “GOD” or similar as a group to belong to. As much as groups profess the ease with which such belonging is granted, until you can visibly and physically feel that sensory contact, belonging can seem pretty esoteric and too shallow to grasp. The key is what do you feel belonging to makes it so important to you. Sometimes our challenge is to understand how our choices affect not just our personal lives, but those of the people we interact with. Positive choices, and positive reactions can determine the success of the value that belonging to this or that provides.

Is your cup half empty or half full? As a proponent of unorthodoxy the box needs to be bigger and the assessment more honest. Do your choices put a smile on your face and warm your heart? Would you accept your behavior done to you as you behave toward others? Do unto others as you would have things done unto you will create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging that can offer positive results. Wisdom is the result of being honest with oneself, and open to change oneself when the opportunity is presented. Make no mistake, your positive outlook will not always be reflected by the crowd, be it one or many. The challenge to the unorthodox is to keep extending the hand.

How has change opened your door to a belonging environment? When you review your list of mentors, what examples of that mentorship have moved you to, in turn, mentor others in a similar manner. We impact everyone we come into contact with.

How have your contacts improved you.  We could also call these gifts. Have a great day.

Love You


No two words in the English language (or similar translation in any other) will ever have as much meaning to anyone as these two. Regardless of your class, your wealth, your poverty, your religious or political persuasion, your culture, your nation, or even your beliefs will carry as much impact to the recipient as these two words. 


Have a Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.  


My daily prayer starts like this:
The Lord is My Savior and my guide,
I shall have all that I require….  (a take off on the 23rd psalm).
 I never liked the idea that I shall have all I want. I might not do well with all I think I want.  I have always had a roof, I have always had food to eat and companionship. Anything else shows up for emergencies and goes away quickly but I always have all that I require.
You will also, this year, next year and thirty years from now because you have faith, hope and experience on your side. The end of the prayer: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Have a great day. dw