Coincidence or Design

An awful lot is made of coincidence. The phone just rang and you say “I was just going to call you”.

You are watching a show on cancer treatment and your neighbor stops by. You ask how they are doing, “Not so good, I have been told that I have ___________ cancer symptoms.” You reply, “Odd that you should say that, I was just watching this show ………..”

Coincidence or design?

I have a proverbial that I have used for more years than not: God watches out for the ignorant and uninformed.  

Whether life’s mysteries are a coincidence or a design, I am merely grateful that I have been a recipient of such many times.

Have a nice day.




This is an old writing that was passed on to me by a dear friend:

Nothing can take the place of persisitence
Talent will not
Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with Talent.
Genius will not
Unrewarded Genius is almost a proverb
Education will not
The world is full of educated derelicts

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.   (anonymous)

(I adapted this last line to work better for myself): Persistence and Determination ‘and abiding faith in God’ alone are omnipotent.

This is writing that has served me well over the years. May you enjoy them also.

Merry Christmas 2015




Routine happens daily. Make the bed, clean a litter box, take dogs for a walk, say I love you, drive to work, open house, sit for a few hours, and on and on and you have daily. Sometimes the routine causes us to forget, or ignore.

We forget the friends that have meant so much, and why.
We rush past the roses, flowers, the light fog on the mountain.
Hurry takes the place of contemplation.
And then, one day, the routine becomes, “When did I get this old? When am I going to do _________? When did I change?”

The hurry does not create a longer life, often it creates a shorter one.
Hurry does not create happiness, more often it creates anxiety.
Hurry raises your blood pressure, causes frustration, and builds pressure just waiting to be released.

Pause this season and say thank you. Thank you for this morning, these friends, these people I see. Thank you for groceries, the animals who care about you, the people who have shared your life over the years and the gift of your mentors.

Though this is a powerful religious season in many venues, make your pause daily, for daily is numbered regardless of the hurry, and regardless of the routine. Make it special…..Daily.