Our lives are a vast field of tidbits. The phrases and comments that we associate with particular people, or writings, or sayings that have stuck in our imagination and dictate many of our actions. On this page I will add tidbits as I go. Watch here for changes periodically.

The past is for memories
The future is for dreams
The present is for living………

Activity breeds activity, while calm breeds algae.

When becalmed one drifts helplessly.

When carried by the wind one cannot help but to get somewhere. Even a rudderless ship will follow the commands of the wind. When directed by a strong helmsman, the progress can be extraordinary.

You can only scale to the heights you are willing to reach for.

Success is achieved, not the granting of a wish.

Nothing in the world takes the place of persistence.

When life closes a door, GOD opens a window.

Our minds are a vast storehouse of tidbits. The tidbits of our lives are little sayings that have made enough of an impression upon us over the years that we find ourselves living by them, referring to them, learning from them, writing them, expressing them, and remembering them as déjà vu moments.

As I have recently made a major life move I have found myself gathering strength from them as the tides have swelled before me. They have become the grounding wire against depression and the bastion of hope against the inevitable disappointments of life.

In this collection of Tidbits (I have devoted an entire folder to tidbits on this website), I have jotted down the little sayings that have sustained my most recent move.

A gift unopened is a package. A gift opened is a treasure.

Who you know is not as important as how you treat those people whom you meet.

It is amazing how the little steps, when looked back upon, become quite a long and fulfilling journey.

Half full or half empty: One leads to success, and one to average.

Progress is what happens when you keep moving forward inspite of the negatives, the setbacks, the frustrations and life in general. When you keep persevering, progress happens.

Closely related to ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,’

The future lies in the deep corners of our minds. Our spirit has already been there and is merely waiting for us to catch up. We just need more time to comprehend.



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