May the Lord be with you this day.
The simplest of words, “have a great day”, or “how are you doing”. “I can not do much  more for you than to pray for you”, are  some of the most powerful words a person can hear in the midst of their every day. It is amazing how powerful “Have a great day” falls on a person’s ears. You often catch them off guard because their mind is in a worried space. A smile forms and “you too” comes forth. Thank you comes forward. Sometimes it is “I appreciate that”. Often you are the messenger of a positive turn in a tough day. You do not need to be a super person, or a rich person, or anything more than a simple person with a smile saying hello. You have changed an attitude of negative to a positive moment. Enjoy the blessings that are put before you every day. Know that OUR CARES AND PRAYERS will be with you this day.
ME, Mack and Jake

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