JESUS, of Nazareth

Before there was doctrine,
there was Jesus.
Before there was business,
there was Jesus.
Before there was judgement,
Then there was Jesus.
It is my belief that Jesus is enough. dw

This was the original header for Unorthodox Christianity. I had heard too many rules and witnessed too many judgements from too many Christian settings. I felt that too many people were being judged away from GOD and JESUS. Not accepted by the Church for how they expressed LOVE ONE ANOTHER. 
The power of GOD manifests itself in many ways and I have witnessed many ways before me over the years. People were judged on what they may have done, not on what they had grown up to change. We are all called to be many things in our lifetimes.

How do we know if we are being called by GOD? What circumstance do we find ourselves in when we are called to serve GOD? Often
it is a simple conversation that has much deeper meaning. Often it challenges what seems right, or what seems wrong. How do we respond
to what is real, or what is a discussion about. Do you image yourself an Angel on a mission for GOD, or are you the mission for GOD through JESUS to console you through someone else. Do you search for a place where GOD is your friend. Is a Jesus the example you wish to run into, to pray to, or to share some time with. 

From my own Psalm 23: For you: “Even now, this very day, GOD is preparing the future before you. In the presence of your enemies, even in the midst of your own personal struggles”.  GOD cares. GOD sends messages. GOD knows. JESUS is the spirit of GOD. Do not let others chase you away from GOD and JESUS. Hopefully and Prayerfully I write my messages. They may be written for you, for someone you know to share with, someone who believes in you.

GOD and JESUS will always listen and answer. You may not recognize the message or the messenger. It may be many days, weeks, or even years for JESUS and GOD to prepare the future in response. GOD has changed my future in response to life many times. I can assure you that GOD and JESUS know what they are doing. LIFE is more often a patience endeavor than an overnight discovery. DO NOT BE AFRAID of JESUS or of GOD. Life is meant for living or you would have no need to be here. Life is and always will be a gift. Embrace it, share it, and respond when called. Do not worry, you will recognize it.

IT is my belief that JESUS is enough.





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