The Earth Experiment

“Where we are from means nothing? What we have done means everything.”

So it is like this.
I am writing a book.
I have been working on this book for many years. It is notes, ideas, mind pictures, and thoughts.
I work on it periodically and intend to do more, and much more often. Below is a page directive to my site The Earth Experiment. Where I have added more of the work in progress.

What is The Earth Experiment?

The Earth Experiment answers a few simple questions. Where do we come from? How did we get here? Where are we going? As I said, it is a simple book. Couched in a fabric of fiction, measured in thinking out of the box, sort of.

It involves Earth’s environment, Earth’s physical entities and the survival instincts pre-built into the human hosts, and how these hosts react to spirit hosting. It is a study of how the spirit and physical incarnation exists together in the structure of the Earth Host program. It delves into the successes and failures of hosting a ‘spirit’ entity¬† in a human host versus a universe of spirit host habitations on different planets, at different levels of advancement as the spirit moves throughout the journey toward the Nirvana environment.

“To those who believe in me, the Father shall grant them eternal life” (paraphrase).

So like what is this eternal life? Mom and Dad (or a friend or close relative) have passed away many years ago. Haven’t had coffee with them lately and probably will not. Unless you have had the dream when they come back briefly sitting next to you in a bus, on a train or plane or while on a walk. Maybe even when you drift away at the coffee shop. A few comments made that you are aware of, yet have a hard time resurrecting not too long after awakening from the initial dream.

The experiment as presented in the book is then designed to, by its nature, focus on the education of the lower, or most basic, primitive host to achieve the highest level of spirit advancement and behavior in a culture that is, overall, ruled by survival of the fittest as it’s basic premise. It is also a study of how that development in one physical journey may be more a repose between journeys than a permanent environment. Can the spirit growth in one incarnation be regressed in a subsequent physical incarnation. If so, is there a way that forward progress can be made throughout the journey of eternal life and can that growth be duplicated enough to change the instinct of the physical host from survival of the fittest to a natural order of LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I shall see where it goes..HumanHostearexad1-500

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