What Is Your Day Like ? I often ask what is life’s purpose? Is there a gap in your life that can be filled with GOD? Is your relationship with GOD or Jesus filling, or empty? Is your everyday life fulfilling? I find my everyday in messages I forward to a few friends, and relatives. I find the messages of a personal purpose that many of you have appreciated. Here is another.


Enjoying rest with my dogs this morning as I try and get a truly restful day. No laundry today, no vacuum, no grocery, just a little lunch at the ice cream shop to recover from a busy week in 100+ HEAT INDEX. The cool front has arrived and I am catching up on email, as well as regular mail. I notice that the USPS still stops by on a daily basis (except Sunday). Each one of you has contributed to this day for my well being. Cynthia has contributed the coffee, Sandie has contributed the insight to slow the day down, Glenn has contributed the lunch menu, Carol has contributed Special chocolate via the warehouse store, and my sister has made shopping suggestions for my meek sewing skills. It is so interesting to see just how active GOD can be on any given day. You all enjoy the gifts that others have contributed to this day for you that you didn’t even request. It puts a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy from the dogs. Be safe and enjoy our CARES and PRAYERS as they be with you today.


So many of your days activities are surrounded by people whom GOD has shared with you at no charge. GOD doesn’t make a big thing out of it. In most cases you do not even know it has been done. Enjoy your day.

GOD Bless.

ME, Mack and Jake

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