GOD provides us with many gifts. Many we don’t sometimes recognize for the sake of all our busyness. Mack and Jake are two of those gifts. They are my Guardian Angels. In a world that seems to talk faster, drive faster, work faster and proudly hurry to all tasks; A restful day is planned for today. The dogs felt no need to get up early today as the overnight was filled with thunder and the grumbling of weather since 1 AM. I was more than grateful for the rest this morning. Looking forward to a simple day that is filled with this or that. Have a wonderful day and seek out the passion of enjoyment. Our CARES and PRAYERS will be with you.

You see, we search out great things to attribute to GOD. We spend hours and days and years trying to determine what GOD is. Or what GOD does. Or why. We get caught up in debate about what is real or not. I am, today, grateful for one gift I can touch and pet, talk to when I need a listening ear, and stop walking and watch the grass grow on their command. That is the structure of Unconditional Love. Live and in Color. GOD BLESS.

ME, Mack and Jake



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