Life: Isn’t that wonderful.

I remember lots of people in my life as a result of the words or phrases they use in their life. I am sure there are many in your circle whose cherished words of thought stand out for a great many reasons. Today’s featured image is a picture of one of my treasured people. My Aunt Vera. It has been a long time now since I could talk to my Aunt Vera but I will never forget a saying that was the core of her spirit. “Isn’t That Wonderful?” There was never a bad day that she couldn’t find a sliver of Wonderful in her day. It is easy for a day to linger on with negative thoughts all day, or week, or years. I remember her comments about the poems I would send her that would find their way to her favorite magazine. “Isn’t that wonderful,” would be a comment. “Too much rain?” “Isn’t that wonderful?” Too little rain? “Look at that sun, Isn’t that wonderful?” It created in me a search for the wonderfuls.

I have the opportunity to talk to all kinds of people on a work day. I look at it as Job Security. The other day it was a Vietnam vet using a wheel chair. I watched his progress from outside the food court, and then in line, and then to a table. Then back to the line to grab the food and take it to the table. His Vietnam hat was his story that I am sure is remembered by so many. As he was getting ready to leave he was struggling to clean up the table and take his trash to the trash receptical. I reached out to help. “Do you need any help?” I asked.

“Legs don’t move as well now. I can handle it,” he said.

I went ahead and helped saying, “It is what I do.” When I cleaned off the table he responded with “Thank you”. I asked if he needed any more help.

He mentioned no, but he did begin a short conversation of his challenges.

The list of various surgeries and doctors visits, the loss of his wife this last year. Open heart this and that, the new pacemaker and more transpired over just a few minutes. What do you say after all of that?

Have a good day?” I said.

Yes: Thank you” was the reply. Appreciating another day irregardless of his challenges, was his attitude.

How is your day going?” he asked of me.

Life is. Isn’t that wonderful”. I said.

You too”: he replied and he was gone in the crowd.

It would have been Aunt Vera’s reply. The automatic reply that is so set in my mind after hearing it so many times from my Aunt Vera it was most appropriate. GOD surrounds us with Aunt Vera’s for just these special times.

So Monday I will be off to a not so hard of a job. “Isn’t that wonderful”.

Have a wonderful day. Our CARES and PRAYERS will be with you all.

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