It has been one of those days.

Warm and wet day today. Wet awhile and dry awhile and wet and so on. And so it is with living. It seems that the challenges of life sometimes do not seem to stop. That is life. The challenges of today seem to ask us “what is best?” GOD seems to be giving us a break today.

“I’ll handle it” , GOD graciously offers.

When life challenges us to decide, we often try and choose what is best for us, but is it the best for others? Do we know enough to make choices?

Life is and GOD proceeds with opportunities.

I listen to the chirp of the birds or the conversation of the squirrels. Life is about living the day. At it’s best left to GOD and then GOD fills in the blanks. Enjoy the day and do not challenge yourself to be the decider of all things. Accept life is and always move forward and catch up to the future that GOD has been preparing you for. GOD has been doing just fine so far. Example has been shown to us so many times, just move forward in faith. Have a wonderful day. In the past, thanks for the memories. In the future, enjoy it.

BE safe and our CARES AND PRAYERS will be with you all day.

ME, Mack and Jake

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