Smiles or Frowns       

Matthew 5: 14-16 You are the light of the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp to put it under a bushel; they put it on a lamp stand where it shines for everyone to see. In the same way your light must shine in the sight of men, so that seeing your good works, they may give the praise to your Father in Heaven.

Spring has sprung in Iowa as the temperature is going up after weeks of extreme winter. Spring is a wonderful feeling and the memories of spring days with mentors and friends makes me smile. The sheer number of people that have crossed my path and have made me the me I have become over all these years, has been the gift of a life that often makes me shake my head and say thank you GOD for all. If I prayed a prayer of thanks for all of them every day I would have no time left to enjoy what would be left of the day. Thank you GOD for that sunshine of memories.

When I look to my Bible for strength during hard times I think of how so many of my mentors have made such an impact to me by the way they responded to their difficult times. I have read many blogs and many renderings of what GOD is, or what Earth is. It seems often that SIN comes with the territory of Earth. It makes me wonder why would GOD create such a place. When I analyze just how complicated it has to be to create the inhabitants of Earth from a plant to grow, a baby to grow and be born, whether animals, humans, trees, flowers or any of the objects you see or are so small you do not notice to think that a Loving GOD did to be so subjective makes no sense.

Is the journey of life on planet Earth meant to serve a jealous GOD, or is Earth meant to provide a Spiritual journey that provides the opportunity of a physical life to be engaged in the physical nature of GOD’S provision. As I was walking about working the other day I saw two people one right after the other. The first walked by with a frown that seemed to be permanent on the elderly face. The second walked past with a smile that could light up the darkest night. For sure there are tragic events. For sure mankind has the ability to create tragedy. It is the same story for the Cardinal that sings on that first day of spring or the squirrels chasing each other from trees across rooftops in a city that exists as a playground. 40 below zero is the same cold.

What is the purpose of creating life anyway. Do you ever wonder.

Years ago as young man just starting out in the retail world I found myself working in a department store in St. Paul Minnesota. I got off the elevator in my new assignment to have a well dressed much older gentleman, well into retirement age, say hello with a smile as natural as a sunrise. I was caught off guard and responded and asked for directions to my new assignment. He responded and went about his job in the furniture department. When I got to my job assignment I asked my manager who he was.

I was surprised when he responded: “Smiley. We all call him smiley because we have never seen otherwise. He’s had his bad days over his life like all of us, but that smile lights up every day for all of us”. I remember Smiley quite often 40 some years later when the Spring SUNSHINE comes out after a long stretch of very cold winter with snow falling and cloudy like we have seen this year.

Earth is an element now occupied by by Billions of people. That is what Earth is. You being alive on Earth is not a mistake. It is a gift. Every vision of the Sun is a blessing.

I discovered a few weeks ago when I passed out at work and fell backwards onto a concrete floor. I felt nothing. I did not know anything that happened and was being placed in an ambulance when I figured out that I was being loaded in an ambulance. I was being asked many questions like what day it was, who I was, what day of the week it is. It required no time to occur. A concussion, what became 8 stitches in my head, and yet no pain. The first thing I recognized was that I was alive. I had a gap of time that could have had any type of result. I had another gift from GOD and the help of many people to give me that gift. It was Earth. These things happen. Many reasons that have been reviewed. Every flash of SUNSHINE is a smile. It put Smiley in a new light. It put so many mentors in a new perspective. GOD did not create a Sinner’s paradise, GOD created Earth for us to enjoy.

There are an estimated 30,000 different denominations of Christianity. Being confused about which one you follow is to be expected. There are Asian Christian Churches for whom EARTH is not a home for sinners. It is the home for people. Will you have your light shine in a smile, or will you hide it in a frown. Everyday of SUNSHINE is a gift and a blessing and represents a new day, everyday.

Hide it under a bushel NO, I’m gonna let it shine. Everyday.

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