Another inch and some snow this morning. My body is getting tired just thinking about -20+ wind chill let alone walking the dogs in it again. Cynthia asked me how I am doing. For those of us old enough to know I look outside and feel the life chill from The Twilight Zone. I am certain it will get warmer. I think. Much more like global cooling than warming. It seems like my wardrobe is not up to the task. Other than that, the essentials work. The vacuum cleaner, the shovel, the outside broom, the warm shoes. I feel like an unsmiley gnome. May I be blessed by warm cinnamon rolls. Enjoy the day where you are. The TV works. I need to look up a show about the French Riviera. 

Have a wonderful day being grateful for the working furnace.  Stay safe with Cares and Prayers

ME, Mack and Jake

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