We are well into the Holiday Season. In all my wanderings I have had the opportunity to do Christmas in a few different retail settings. I have unloaded and put up Christmas trees, much of the merchandise as a dock manager for a couple of large multi state retail chain stores over 15 years. I helped with the decorations, and in the 70’s what used to be traditional Christmas programs with a train in the special Christmas shows that used to fill up very large department store auditoriums for thousands of customers every Christmas. On the 8th floor the auditorium was half of the 8th floor. The hall had all kinds of Christmas vignettes to walk through or ride through depending on the theme of the year.
I have been smothered now with years of Christmas shows on TV with Santa Claus and Snowmen, and such.

For you that have tuned in here to Unorthodox Christianity, a little different Christmas song I wrote years ago.

Enjoy the Season, from ME

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The Reason For The Season   

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