And Having Said thus Jesus breathed His last. Luke 23: 46

After over 30 years of Unorthodox Christianity and music about Jesus, and sermons about Jesus, and Prayers to and From Jesus, I have always missed one thing. The stories of the young Jesus and the young adult Jesus.. Jesus died at about 33 years of age. He was recognized as a Rabbi or itinerant Preacher for but 3 years. He began educating himself as early as a young boy seeking out the stories of the prophets in the synagogues and from those people he felt as wise. That leaves about 30 years of stories and his relationships with family and friends and acquaintances that molded Him on the way to this last comment:

What were the younger years like.
Did Jesus wonder about the moon and the stars?
Was he perhaps bullied as a child within the town he had lived in?
Was he the nicest kid or was he the prodigal son?
Did he sit under a small grove of trees and study nature, or the animals, or the neighbors, or the enemies?

We probably know less about the life of Jesus as a normal child growing up and as an adult 30 year old than we know of any other human in history. Most of the life of Jesus that we do know of did not exist until roughly 70 years later and then some in books written by those who knew him as the Messiah, The Christ and a miracle worker. There were no TV, No Cell phones, no social media, no twitter account or movies. And from their lack of knowledge of Jesus, the person on the bench next door, or under the tree with friends, His death became His Beginning.

What do we know of Jesus?

Was He a GOD when growing up? Did He learn from life the lessons He would carry to the crowds that came to hear him and watch him as a man? The sermons I have heard so many times in my life say He was perfect.
He was without sin.
He was GOD’S only son.
Jesus was GOD on a mission to teach.
He was without blemish.
He was GOD incarnate from birth.

“ Him? Isn’t he Joseph’s boy, Jesus? Nothing ever good has come out of Nazareth”

I have never known a young boy to be perfect. I was not, far from it.

Jesus, in the midst of Love One Another, had some pretty harsh words for the Pharisees and the Sadducee. Over turned the tables in the temple. “A brood of vipers”.

I read into Jesus a human being, on a mission, and driven by a force within him to preach a good news rather than a same old same old.

When everything was said and done I recognized that I was not perfect. I was not GOD? I was not a special divine child or man. I did not perform miracles. I did not feel as though I was good enough for Jesus, let alone GOD. So of what value was I to GOD. Not divine, not perfect, not without sin. Jesus was divine. Jesus was special.

DO you ever find yourself questioning how one would ever expect you to achieve all that Jesus did in but 33 years? Would you believe them?

Too often we feel as though we are not good enough to be a disciple of Jesus.

I do not believe it. Even Jesus, at the end of His ministry asked “Take this cup from me, but not my will but yours”. And at the very end, “INTO THINE HANDS (GOD), I COMMEND MY SPIRIT”.

Many times you have been chosen to be the messenger, the coach, the prayer, the savior. You are the first responder, the teacher, the nurse, the doctor, the care giver. More than you think you have made the choice to perform that function and be the hands of Jesus whether you believe in Jesus, GOD, or not. If you simply reflect on your own past, how many times have you chosen, no questions asked, to perform a task that you accept to do and do not debate it for the sake of love. You very much have answered in the very way that Jesus did.

You have performed a request without thought of whether or not you were perfect enough, good enough, knowledgeable enough or even loved enough. In Unorthodox Christianity it was said of this by Jesus “ BY THIS THEY WILL BE SEEN AS DISCIPLES OF MINE” (no denomination required). And you do not recognize it for what it is, represents, and for any great reward beyond a hug and a smile. GOD has worked through the you that you are for the person that you are. NEVER think less of yourself, GOD does not and never will.



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