Break Down The Walls

Break Down The Walls

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Here, in this song written many years ago, is the essence of ‘History Repeats Itself’. It was 2002, right after 9-11. I was creating a special concert event to have just before the Winter Olympics were to be held in Salt Lake City. The tension due to the Middle Eastern origin of 911 was strong. My Christian friends who had migrated from Pakistan to have religious freedom were fearful of reprisal and the politics of the event were high. I was preparing music for a “bring our cultures together” kind of event to reach out beyond the event of 911 to those who were also victims due to the part of the world that they had migrated from. Not too much different than we are experiencing today. Today I no longer live in Salt Lake, I live in El Paso, Texas. No longer is it a theological wall we build, but a physical wall. The song is as appropriate today, if not more so, in light of today’s rhetoric.

This music classification is Christian. My primary website is called Unorthodox Christianity. Christian signifies a belief in the teachings of Jesus, believed by many to be the chosen “Christus” of GOD. One that a great many Americans profess to follow, and politicians cling to for votes and pound their chests over. The song calls into question their true conviction to what they profess to believe in and challenges them to put their beliefs into action.  They also can be convicted by it. One should not use the Christian bumper sticker if they are not willing to live by the teachings. One does not condemn the parent for the acts of a wayward child. We can not punish a culture for the acts of a few of their members, or their Leaders.

Take in the song and choose your side of the argument.

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