The Communication Seed

Just a quick excerpt from my book The Earth Experiment – The Human Host Project

Earth Experiment Elements: The Communication Seed:

The Watcher, Karl, speaks to and through my mind. A physical vessel, space ship, time capsule or whatever is not required. A medium, however is. Part of the Earth Experiment is the planting of what is referred to as The Communication Seed. The Seed is the link to the universe of creation, what we may call the ultimate cloud. A conversation that grows out of a communication seed that allows the watchers to follow without a physical presence. The physical presence is only really required at the time the seed is ‘planted’ in whichever physical host is chosen to be the deliverer (per-SE).

The spirit is the constant. One spirit-eternal life. The host is the variable and hosts are not necessarily linear in time. Hosts are not all from the same family. The experiences of the spirit in previous hosts may exist as remembrances of interactions with a previous host’s family or carry genetic remembrances of the genetically attached family of other previous hosts which may have existed in the past, the future, or even in the present as a second, third, or multiple existence taking place in the same time frame through the current spirit existence. The parents-grandparents-great grandparents etc from both sides of the family and even other previous families ad infinitum that influence the ultimate journey of the current host in the current time.

Have you ever asked: “Where do I know you from?” Is it a similarly looking individual who reminds you of someone that you recognize, or the spirit ‘twin’ in the life of an evolving host with a different set of current experiences along a similar path. Has your spirit, at the outset in this experience, set out to track down a spirit that was part of an experience in a previous or even a future experience within the time-frame of the current experience. “I have been searching for you my entire life.” (I think of a friend whose 3 wives all shared the same name in common.)

Another example: An affair of a weekend in a travel of a few hundred years ago on a stopover on a trading ship, delivers the semen and genetic connecting link that once was given to the father of the individual in his father’s own individual encounter experience, or even one of the father’s predecessors as a link that was created in that hosts genetic code, which now carries on throughout the host family and into the future. Perhaps the mother, also contributes a link as it was seeded to her in much the same fashion, or perhaps it had never been seeded to her or her family. Imagine if you can, all the combinations of links now in this child’s future to draw from with no real tangible knowledge of what any of these dreams mean, where they are from, what time frame they existed in at the time of original experience, what culture, race, religion, or any variable that may have existed in the existence of that original experience. And yet the spirit finds itself on a mission to reconnect with that original spirit affair in that hundreds of years ago experience within the current existence with no tangible remembrance of the original event. The spirit knowledge is that the spirit the one is seeking in this experience, is also on a journey to connect with him in this iteration, because the future tells him it is so.

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