Church of the Open Mind

Fresh on the heels of our celebration of Independence Day, I review the little notes that deal with the idea of independence. Most importantly, it is the autonomy that is given by independence. Such is the world of The Church of the Open Mind. Too often our conventional teachings hinder our personal expansion. What makes Unorthodox Christianty unorthodox is the the ability to believe outside the box. Jesus taught to live outside the box of current conventionalism. The truth is that the immediate result for Jesus was less than total acceptance. That took years and still hasn’t been embraced by even those that wave his banner high. Love One Another will always be outside the box of conventionalism. Conventionalism creates and adheres to new caveats, Love One Another stands alone. Unorthodox Christianity believes in Love One Another. I do not anticipate too much acceptance beyond a few Open Minded adherents.

Think outside the box, open your mind, and have a wonderful day.

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