The Spiritual Cloud

The Cloud is now with us. Store our information in the Cloud and access from anywhere, from your computer, pad, netbook, phone, anywhere. In my world of Unorthodoxchristianity I believe in the reincarnation of the spirit. A spirit that has the knowledge of it’s previous host’s encounters with life, people, events etc. But where does a spirit store this information? In the brains of it’s hosts? What happens when the hosts die? 

Much of what mankind has invented, I believe, is from the contribution of a spiritual self that has been there, done that. For the spirit to draw upon this knowledge the spirit must have information in a spiritual cloud. (Hence our invention of a physical cloud with servers and memories that reflect the spiritual cloud that the spirit draws from, but in the physical form we currently have because we haven’t matriculated into the spiritual cloud physics yet.)

On one hand I seek that repository I can not access beyond a dream, or a recognition, or a deja vu. On the other hand, would I use it for good or selfishly. There is a purpose behind the veil, to protect us from ourselves.

Behold, the cloud, it is lingering out there, just barely beyond our grasp.

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