Religion: The Business End of Philosophy

Lots of argumentation in the world of religion. Was Jesus the Son of GOD, or Allah really a GOD, did This Happen or That, Was Buddha a real person, was Lao Tzu?
I believe all our religions have begun as a philosophical discussion, about where we come from, how we got here, where are we going? Over time the discussion gained interest and then a follower or two, then many. Then soon there had to be a leader of the discussion, then a committee, and finally a group. Soon it developed legends to reinforce what was originally a philosophical discussion. Then the competitors developed and took followers away from the first, and the leader and committee had to claim dominance. Ours is right and their’s is wrong. The original philosophy gets lost, and in the midst of organizations religion is born.
LOVE ONE ANOTHER no longer stands by itself, it gets negated and trumped by religion, which loves itself and no one else. In my unorthodox world, LOVE ONE ANOTHER is just too easy to grasp. People have a hard time wrapping their heads around it because it isn’t prejudiced, it is all inclusive, it shows no preference, and it is sooo simple.

Unorthodox Christianity as I have interpreted it could simply be stated “just do it”.

Love One Another. No room for business, no need for committee, and it can stand just fine without a ‘leader’.  Divinity needn’t be invoked, stories needn’t be developed.

Simply Love One Another. enough said.

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