This could be a sub-heading under a post I may call BLESSINGS. My most rewarding memories are not about the things that I may have done for others, but how blessed I have been for the sake of the things and contributions that have been made on my behalf to me BY others.
Almost daily I hear from people all about the things that they have done. I do not cherish the things I have done for others. I cherish the things that Chet Curtis did for me, or Lyle Pearson, or James Parsons. I remember a friendly hand extended when I changed high schools by Bob Gaynor or a job offer from Glen Gardner. Perhaps it was that moment of advice forwarded by a passing stranger “Just a salesman? You, Sir, are the most important person in your company. If it weren’t for you no one there would have a job.” I said thank you, turned around and then turned back and he was gone, but he made my life meaningful from that day forward. How I cherish the mentors. The people that GOD had woven into my existence to bring to me this place in this journey. Surely you all have special mentors, known and unknown. Say thank you to GOD this day for weaving them into your journey. Tell GOD how much the mentors have meant to you and then share it forward, not to pound your chest, but to show gratitude for them extending their hands to you.


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