From what I have learned, the spirit must be very patient. Whether we ascribe such behaviors to an entity ‘GOD’, or ‘SPIRIT’, or whatever term you utilize, this entity is very patient. Quite often I feel this entity believes to live us on the edge. The edge between sanity and anger, frustration and exuberance. As a Libra I prefer balance, the spirit is more of an extremist. Irregardless the spirit demands patience. The movement of the spirit through our living can be painfully slow. Whether it be justice, or simply temperature, the spirit tests our mettle, and our resolve. And then the spirit responds to our supplications and the speed of movement overwhelms us. Maintain resolve, be persistent, persevere and have FAITH. The spirit is like a person you awake from a deep sleep. It  reacts as though startled, so quickly that you become startled also. That tingle at the the back of my neck awakens and I smile. Spirit is moving, and I await the revelation.

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